Happy 2014!

I love the New Year.  A chance to reset, recalibrate, reprioritize, and maybe even create some goals.

One thing that I learned as a physical therapist is how to write an effective goal.  Goals like:

“I will lose weight this year.” Or,

“I will get healthier this year.”…  Do Not Work!

These goals are useless and do not get accomplished.

This is why I love Health Coaching.  Together with clients, we break down these lofty and meaningless goals into something real.  “I want to lose weight” turns into “I will reduce the chemicals in my food that wreck my metabolism and cause my body to hold onto fat.”  And “I will begin to add more real and nutritious food into my diet.”   In partnership with a client, we create concrete, attainable goals with convenient, do-able strategies.

Do you have realistic, common sense, useful goals for 2014?

I DO!  And, I have already started on two of them.  I got my Starter Kit from Young Living Essential Oils and plan to use this year to learn how to use these gifts of nature to help to keep my family and my client’s families healthier and happier.


I also signed up for a 12 week course in Homeopathy starting in the Spring, because I want to learn how to support my family when they are sick instead of using pharmaceutical management that suppresses the body and the work that it needs to do in times of illness.

What will you do and learn this year?  Wishing everyone a happy, healthy 2014!!!

Lauren ThomsomHappy 2014!

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