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Friends of mine, who have a daughter with special needs, mentioned to their pediatrician that they were considering taking their daughter to a homeopath.  The pediatrician, who emigrated from India, and had already told the family that he did not know how to help their daughter medically, replied, “That is what we would do for your daughter in my country.”

Could homeopathy, a 200-year-old healing modality, that is popular around the globe, help your family?

This summer my own family started working with a homeopath, and I am thrilled that Jerry Kantor, Lic. Ac., CCH, RSHom (NA), MMHS, was gracious enough to be interviewed for the TFH blog.   Jerry’s practice, Vital Force Health Care, is in Boston, MA.  He specializes in the treatment of chronic disease, Attention Deficit and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, immuno-suppressive conditions, infertility, OB/GYN complaints, asthma, appetite disorders, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  He is also certified in the CEASE approach to autism spectrum disorders.

TFH:  Jerry, can you please give a brief/ general explanation of what homeopathy is and how it works?

The short answer is that homeopathy is a medical system utilizing a principle known as the Law of Similars, meaning “use like to cure like.” Here we count on a paradoxical effect. A substance that when administered to a healthy individual elicits a specific range of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms can be diluted and energized such that in it’s transformed state, is able to benefit an unhealthy individual suffering from the selfsame range of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. 
This can be fleshed out if the answer can be divided into two parts: the psychological based answer, and the scientific based answer. 
Psychological Basis for Homeopathy:

Significant life traumas leave lasting impacts on the individual whom they impact. Substances from which homeopathic remedies are made have been demonstrated to prompt psychological and physical effects equivalent to the effects of human trauma. When the diluted version of the substance and the trauma are matched, meaning the Law of Similars is applied, the effect is curative. There are three compelling reasons why this benefit cannot be accounted for in terms of a placebo effect:
a) Constitutional treatment of this sort provokes a temporary worsening of the condition known as the aggravation. Aggravations are not known to be associated with the placebo effect.
b) Homeopathic remedies act effectively both with animals and toddlers, neither of which can be readily made aware of being treated, which is a necessary component of being treated with a placebo.
c) Constitutional remedies provoke profound and multi-dimensional shifts in individuals that have distinct time frames, another phenomena not associated with the action of a placebo.
The Scientific Basis for Homeopathy

Biochemical Basis

Professor Luc Montagnier, a French virologist who won the Nobel Prize for discovering a link between HIV and AIDS, has demonstrated that water has a memory that continues even after many dilutions. The idea is one of the foundations of homeopathy, which maintains that the potency of a substance is increased with it’s dilution. Montagnier has discovered that solutions containing the DNA of viruses and bacteria “could emit low frequency radio waves”. These waves influence molecules around them, and turn them into organised structures. (Sources: Sunday Times, July 4, 2010; British Medical Association).
This echoes the claims of French immunologist, Jacques Benveniste, who in 1988 claimed in a Nature paper that a solution that had once contained antibodies still activated human white blood cells. Benveniste claimed the solution still worked because it contained ghostly “imprints” in the water structure where the antibodies had been.
These discoveries also support the findings of a 2001 research team in South Korea (German chemist Kurt Geckeler and his colleague Shashadhar Samal) concerning what happens when a substance diluted in water is then further diluted. Conventional wisdom says that the dissolved molecules simply spread further and further apart as a solution is diluted. But two chemists have found that some do the opposite: they clump together, first as clusters of molecules, then as bigger aggregates of those clusters. Far from drifting apart from their neighbors, they got closer together.
Dilution typically made the molecules cluster into aggregates five to 10 times as big as those in the original solutions. The growth was not linear, and it depended on the concentration of the original. “The history of the solution is important. The more dilute it starts, the larger the aggregates,” says Geckeler. Also, it only worked in polar solvents like water, in which one end of the molecule has a pronounced positive charge while the other end is negative. In accordance with homeopathic theory, diluting a remedy may increase the size of the particles to the point when they become biologically active.
TFH:  For more in-depth answers to these and related questions please reference Jerry’s books, below.  Reviews of these books and more information is available at:
 The Toxic Relationship Cure, Clearing Traumatic Damage from a Boss, Parent, Lover or Friend with Natural, Drug-free Remedies available at:
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Interpreting Chronic Illness, the Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine available at:
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TFH:  What results have you seen treating children?  Specifically, how does homeopathy help with what I call “the new childhood epidemics” of autoimmunity, food allergies, asthma, ADHD, and autism?

This question also requires a book-length answer, and I am currently working on just (available in eight to twelve months). But for now….
Homeopathy has much to offer clients with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and their families. The range of symptoms and behaviors seen in autistic spectrum individuals is vast, as is the diversity of responses even to effective treatment.

Generally speaking, over a period of months, families see significant improvement in their children’s ability to form emotional connection with others, eat a wider variety of food, make greater progress developmentally, cognitively, and linguistically.  

Individuals with ASD (most of whom for the moment at least, may be children) are challenging unto themselves: Limited speech makes them to hard understand. They have severe allergies, general hypersensitivity, gut issues, bizarre movements and behaviors, limited diets, obsessions and compulsions.

That said, with treatment we generally see significant positive change with regard to allergies, hypersensitivities, obsessiveness and food intolerances.

Compared with treating ASD, addressing the other conditions you list are a vacation for folks like me. Homeopaths with pediatric caseloads routinely treat children with asthma, eczema, chronic ear infection, reflux/acidity, and failure to thrive. Because their vital force is generally strong, such children can be cured of these conditions with a few months care, especially where they are not on medication regimens. When they are medicated, then the treatment plan must incorporate a weaning to the point of reaching the natural baseline after which the aim can be direct cure. As with all constitutional care there is often an aggravation or temporary worsening of the condition. This indicates the vital force has (finally!) identified the problem and its underlying trigger. Now it can attack it.

With children it also helps to note that the remedies play into “where” the child is in terms of his or her developmental phase. So this is to say that a remedy works not only on the condition, but to promote a related issue likely hindering progress through a developmental phase that has its own repercussions with regard to symptoms. 

Autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lyme (very complicated) and Celiac Disease are treated similarly but require deeper insight as per the miasmatic (legacy or inherited) constitutional picture. This is to say that improvement occurs on many levels that for a varying length of time is short of cure.

TFH:  What advice do you have for a parent looking for a homeopath for their child?  Does a homeopath have to be within driving distance? 

If the child has ASD, the practitioner should have some specialized training with the ASD population, as per the CEASE (Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression). He or she ought to have been working with the ASD population for at least two years. Some practitioners such as myself have become adept at telemedicine care, working at long distance via Skype.  
In my own practice we view ASD as a family issue and often prescribe for the mother as well as the child.  I rely on a team approach, working closely with a skilled colleague. In advance of taking on a client we ask for a mini autobiography of the child, but also extensive information about the mother, father, family legacies regarding mental and emotional dysfunction; developmental timeline, vaccine history; pre and post-natal history and intuitions from family members regarding the ASD incidence. The work involves a combination of constitutional and detoxification care as well as some nutritional supplementation. We maintain consistent contact with the family, having consults on at least a monthly basis.
Even for seasoned homeopaths, individuals with ASD are challenging. For one thing, the normal means of prescribing is seldom adequate. That is not the least of it: Even while treating their child, parents of children with ASD may employ a dizzying array of other modalities such as chelation, hyperbaric chambers, nutrition supplementation, parasite cleansing via MMS (chlorine dioxide) or other means: Double Helix water, acupuncture, shamanism, allergy desensitization, kinaeseology. A homeopath skilled in working with a clientele with ASD must be knowledgeable about and comfortable with working in such collaborative arrangements.

TFH:  All my thanks to Jerry Kantor for sharing his wisdom here at Thriving Family Health!   To learn more about Jerry and his practice, Vital Force Health Care, go to  To learn more about his books and read reviews visit,

Lauren ThomsomMeet the Practitioner- Homeopathy with Jerry Kantor

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