Moms Call To Protect Kids

Please Watch, Share, and Take Action!


Here are two easy action steps that you can take today.

#1.  Please sign the petition to President Obama that was started by Dr. Oz. to demand that the President intervene with the EPA and stop the approval of Dow’s new Duo Enlist…  a new herbicide that is a combination of Roundup and 2,4-D, a component of Agent Orange.

#2.  Call the EPA this week at 703-308-8187 and ask what they are doing about the fact that there is glyphosate in women’s breast milk.

People tell me they don’t make phone calls because they don’t know what to say.  Say what you are thinking.  Be yourself.  Tell them about your child’s health issues.  Tell them that you remember eating peanut butter sandwiches as a child and now you know children who cannot eat the bread or the peanut butter.  Tell them your truth.  You can’t say anything wrong, but the fact that you take the time to call speaks volumes.

After spending time at the EPA and hours on the phone and in person with Congressional office staff I can tell you that right now there is NO presidential candidate, NO congressman, NO politician, NO celebrity or influential person who is just going to make this go away.  It is up to us.  There is nothing you can do that is too small for this fight!

Sarah CusackMoms Call To Protect Kids

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