Planetbox Lunchboxes

Planetbox is our favorite lunchbox after years of use.  Here is why:

The kids ate their lunch!  Yes, sometimes I had to ask if they licked the tray clean.  Presentation does count for kids and the food in these lunchboxes looks inviting when it is opened.

It is safer for children with food allergies and Celiac Disease.  Last year I sent my daughter with Celiac Disease and many food intolerances to Kindergarten.  Because the PlanetBox only required her to unzip the case and open one latch this reduced the amount of times an adult had to help her open a container or package, reducing the risks of gluten cross contamination at lunchtime.

It’s sustainable!  No plastic baggies or brown paper bags to throw away.

Chicken Nuggets, Sliced Apples, Green Beans, Chocolate

Clean up is easy.  Most days these boxes came home empty.  All I had to do was throw them in the dishwasher and they were ready for the next day.

They make sending a healthy lunch easy.  The 5 compartments intuitively let you know that there is a space for a main dish, a fruit, a veggie, another snack, and then a very small space in the center for a sweet dessert.

It’s not plastic.  Plastics contain endocrine disrupting chemicals like BPA and phthlalates.  Sometimes, foods stored in plastics have a bit of a plastic taste on them.  The stainless steel tray of the PlanetBox is a safe food storage material that leaves food tasting as it should.

They make for fast, efficient lunch packing.  If you are making several school lunches at once they make for an easy assembly line.  Lay the trays out across the counter and fill.  If you open a bag of baby carrots you can throw a handful of carrots in each tray.  Toss in a handful of grapes into each tray.  Think once…  pack one, two, three, four, or more times.

The only downside…  They are expensive.  But, once I heard a mother say that she was going on a 5th year with her son’s PlanetBox, I divided the cost by 5 and went for it.  And, I am happy to report that one year later both of our boxes and cases look as good as new and are ready for year 2. They make a great gift from a grandparent at the holidays or for a birthday.

Less expensive, stainless steel containers from Lunchbots are another healthy choice that have proven to be very durable in our home.

You can find Planetbox at  Lunchbots are at and both are sold through

Turkey and Ham Wrapper, Grape Tomatoes and Carrots, Grapes, Beanitos Chips, Chocolate Chips

My husband has one too!  Hard Boiled Eggs, Potato Salad, Strawberries and Cantelope, Carrots and Celery


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