TFH 10-Week Group Program

Great news!  TFH’s 10-Week Group Program is back!  The program will run on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 at Bethany Community Church in Laurel, MD.  Sessions start January 28th and run through April 1st.  You do not need to be an attender at Bethany Community to participate in the group.  Check out the flyer for the program at this link:

TFHProgram_MasterProgram_Flyer (1)

To find out more about the program attend a FREE TALK at Bethany on Wednesday January 21st from 6:30-7:30.  The topic is “What Are We Really Eating?  How is it Affecting Our Health, Weight, and Mood?”

Topics covered include:

  • Genetically Modified Foods, Agrochemicals, Common Food Additives, Label Reading
  • You will learn my number one tip for good health, weight loss, and good mood.
  • Introduction to TFH’s 10-Week Group Coaching Program

The Group Program is my favorite to coach.  Running for 10 weeks it is my most comprehensive health program.  The support provided by the other members of the group is priceless.

Here are some testimonials from last year’s group at Bethany:

“Definitely worth your time and money.  I learned so much in these 10 weeks that will change the way I eat, live, and think about food for the rest of my life.”

“This is by far the best, comprehensive program I’ve ever been in.  Lots of other programs miss the mark and focus on fitness or counting calories.”

“Total health program:  a program that helps those involved to look at all areas of their life to make positive changes in order to feel better, heal themselves, prevent disease and look better along the way!  This has been different that Weight Watchers because the end goal is not weight loss, it is health.”

“I loved this program.  Sarah makes herself very accessible and is so helpful.  I learned so much!  I’m now GF and organic and I’m never going back!  So thankful for my raised awareness.”

“I really enjoyed this program.  I am making changes and different choices to put good stuff in my mouth.”

“This program is thought provoking in the sense that it will make you think of WHAT you’re putting in your body, not how much (calories, carbs, etc.)”

“I enjoyed this program.  I have made many changes for myself and my family.  I am now more aware of what I am buying.  I have pretty much switched over to organic food.  We have just started our first vegetable garden.  We all are learning as a family.”

“Truly enjoyed it.  My digestion has improved and after eliminating everything toxic (GMOs, dyes, chemicals) dairy, soy, and gluten I feel so much better.”

“Sarah is a wonderful Health Coach!”


Sarah CusackTFH 10-Week Group Program

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